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Trade Wizards database allows International business and Supply Chain students and staff of Universities to find material that has all elements necessary to facilitate trade with the leading trade nations of the world.

With access to the most comprehensive and up-to-date database of global trade content, Trade Wizards enable you to make quick, interactive queries using a web browser to calculate landed cost, search for Harmonized Schedule (HS) and Export Control Number (ECN) codes, screen for restricted trade parties, and determine licensing requirements and trade documents for those countries that generate 99% of world trade.

How do Students and University staff access Trade Wizards?:

Trade Wizards can only be accessed via the University proxy server, Access to the Library's electronic resources is restricted to University staff and students. You need to enter your Library or Student number and your Library PIN before you can access the database.

Trade Wizards content is collected across multiple governmental organizations, cleansed for inconsistencies, maintained daily, and delivered on a continuous basis.

This University subscription-based solution requires no software or system integration, and saves users valuable time and resources.

The key benefits of subscribing to Trade Wizards include:

  • Simplify global trade decisions with a powerful online service
  • Access up-to-date trade content for 118 countries
  • Answer complex global trade questions in real time
  • Maintain compliance with all international regulatory controls
  • Save hours of time and effort and lower global trade costs

Scope Over 118 countries and 99 percent of the world market.
Team Over 500 international trade analysts, in-country global content providers, and contract resources analyzing trade content sources in 25 languages.
Process ISO-9001 Certified Publishing Process ensures the delivery of accurate and up-to-date trade content
Trade Wizards Content Areas
Regulatory Controls Maintain compliance with import and export regulations including licenses and visas, permits, inspections, quotas, sanctions, embargoes and other restrictions.
Restricted Party Screening (RPS) Determine whether a party has been placed on any official denied persons or illegal trans-shipper list, blocked from import or export transactions, or sanctioned by a government for illegal acts, such as child or convict labor violations. Our coverage includes all restricted parties lists including those issued by United Nations, European Union, United States, Canada and Japan.
Global Product Classification Centrally manage classification and other relevant product data, including over 1.9 million Harmonized Schedule (HS) numbers, quota/visas, anti-dumping duties (ADD), export control numbers (ECN), and countervailing duty (CVD) information to facilitate the import and export process.
Landed Cost Instantly determine total landed cost for any transaction by facilitating the calculation of all applicable VAT, GST and Excise taxes, preferential duties, governing rules tariffs, country-specific business and trans-shipment rules, transportation and insurance charges associated with international shipments and identification of preferential trade agreements.
Document Determination Determine the set of documents necessary to support the transportation of goods across borders, as well as the number of copies required, appropriate business rules, language requirements, and authorities for each document identified

LCI provides technology and training in Foreign Trade and Supply Chain Management to more than 100 of the leading Universities in Mexico, Latino America and United States and Canada, including ITESM, UVM, UNAM, IBERO, and others.

The service is offered by Management Dynamic Inc. ("MDI"). The trade content referenced by the Trade Wizards Service is solely provided by MDI. LCI shall take no responsibility for (i) the accuracy of trade content; (ii) the availability of the Trade Wizards Service. LCI expressly disclaims any liability whatsoever for any loss and damage howsoever arising from (i) and (ii) above or the use of Trade Wizards or the operation of Trade Wizards

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