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Trade Growth
World Trade volume continues to grow at a dizzying pace. Total international trade grew from $3 trillion in 1990 to $9 trillion in 2005. The consulting firm McKenzie & Company recently estimated that international trade will reach $70 trillion by 2025. Is your global trade operation ready to keep pace?
Our Vision Statement
With our technology and consulting we help Governments and SMEs bridge the Digital Divide by aggregating "Best-of-Breed" Technologies and providing a Competitive Advantage

  • Gather "Best-of-Breed" technologies in order to provide holistic solution for Governments enabling SME's to compete in global trade
  • Global technologies deployed locally
  • Lobbying group for setting global e-trade standards
  • Providing a forum amongst Governments for sharing and leveraging technology innovations and strategies

Reason Why
Governments risk being marginalized through the Digital Divide. SMEs and Governments invariably lack the technology of their hi-tech neighbors. Timing is right as Emerging Technologies are far easier to implement (EDI v XML) Harmonizing cross cultural and procedural issues

Allows Governments to deliver on their SME mandates Manages control of the regulatory processes and compliance issues for Trade Allows SMEs to compete on equal terms at anytime Visibility in the Market Place Access to opportunity and information

Value Proposition
Allows SMEs to enter International Markets and increase global footprints
Provides quick competitive DDP quotations
Reduces cost of goods sold by making well-informed sourcing decisions with landed costs
Increases revenues by meeting demands in international markets
Ability to cost effectively ship anywhere
Makes International business as ordinary as domestic trading
Reduces Delays at Borders
Reduces Inventory
Reduces Order-to-Cash cycle times
Reduces obsolescence costs
Reduces Costs of Global Commerce
Reduces costs of producing trade documents
Reduces cosst of regulatory compliance
Easy to Implement
Minimizes fines
Reduces risk of returned goods due to "Landed Cost Shock Syndrome"

About LCI
In 2005 LCI was the winner of the international solicitation by the International Bank of Development for the development of an integrated system of Foreign Exchange, ¨SIICEX¨, for the Government of Peru, competing against Argentinean, Canadian, Peruvian and Spanish companies. This application has now been implemented into Peru´s foreign trade infrastructure. We have also provided consulting services to Mexico ¨Bancomext¨, Ecuador Corpei, Venzuela ¨Bancoext¨, Chile ¨Prochile¨, Paraguay ¨Rediex¨ and Brazil Äpex¨.

Partner program

Partner Selection Criteria
LCI Global e-trade Coalition makes the dream of the Global Village a "Reality"

What are we looking for?

Companies that:
  • Know their local markets
  • Understand how to sell software solutions
  • Have excellent connections with local Industry, customs and regulatory bodies
Overview of required qualities:
  • In the same space
  • Compatible Technology Partners
  • One Leader per Country
  • Local Partner develops local Strategy
  • Have the vision to participate in a Coalition
  • Successful track record
Qualities Sought
  • Involvement in local Govt. initiatives that will empower local exporters and importers
  • Leverage in Internet technology
  • Have open architecture and innovative products
  • Understand how to leverage the "coalition"
  • Appreciate a potential increase in sales, and vice versa

To learn more about becoming a LCI business partner and to Apply for a Global e-trade coalition

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