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Today the implementation of Lean Supply Chain process in the manufacturing practice has made it essential for manufacturers and their business partners, both customers and suppliers, to work more closely together. Customers need to participate in the product planning or system integration process, and suppliers need to take more responsibility for quality control or even manage inventory on behalf of the manufacturers. Refocusing on core competencies means that manufacturers are more likely to outsource to supply chain partners and become part of virtual teams that are focused on delivering a specific service or product.

Many companies still do not have timely visibility into the critical processes involved in global supply chain management, despite the heightened attention to this area in recent years. This often prevents companies from accessing information quickly enough to be able to use it for decision making. For those that track the key supply chain events and have advanced visibility strategies to support supply chain decision-making, it is critical not to overwhelm internal stakeholders with information but to instead provide them with the tools to extract the best possible intelligence from the data they have while keeping the amounts of data manageable. Companies must move from merely tracking their supply chain events to performing real-time advanced analysis in order to drive profound changes in their supply chains.

We help organizations meet the business demands of today and the future. If manufacturers are going to stay competitive and maintain customer satisfaction while growing their core business, they can no longer afford to rely on traditional business models. Supply Chain has become a mandate for most companies to survive in a rapidly changing world. Supply Track meets the growing business needs of manufacturers for an end-to-end, integrated e-Business solution.

Top Five Drivers for Improving Visibility
  • Need to improve on-time delivery performance 
  • Need to reduce lead times and lead time variability 
  • Need to improve ability to make mid-course corrections
  • JIT and lean programs causing shorter delivery windows 
  • Need to proactively alert customers of late shipments 
Source: Aberdeen Group

Other Drivers for Improving Visibility

  • Simplify and accelerate the importing and exporting process
  • Find the best administration option for the complex requirements of duty-deferral and duty reduction programs and integrating their requirements and the import/export filing
  • With increased threats of terrorism, piracy and theft, heightened security measures at ports and borders, and the rigorous standards for C-TPAT compliance, the need for Total Supply Chain Visibility, good information and careful planning are essential to getting your cargo quickly and safely.

Countries such as Mexico, Canada, USA, China, India, Thailand, Singapore, Malasya, Australia, Colombia, Brasil, have been implementing these regulations into their industry for years.

Duty-deferral and duty reduction programs include outward processing and inward processing regimes, bonded warehouses, free trade zones, drawback and duty relief treatments.

Many countries incorporate complex tracking and reporting requirements such as cross-referencing imports to exports, inventory tracking, bill of material breakdowns, which involve complicated duty and tax calculations. Although similar concepts are used in many countries, each has detailed requirements which must be met.

These programs often offer the single greatest duty savings potential for companies, but compliance can be difficult.

Those Companies who have inventory duty deferral and reductions programs do not have current status of duty owed. Fiscal debts generated in foreign trade compliance are unknown by the management team.

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