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LCI Foreign Trade Solutions
The LCI Foreign Trade Solutions service staff, composed of seasoned technical experts, are all cross-trained in the fundamentals of International Trade and Customs rules and regulations. Our teams are quick to comprehend the needs of our clients and identify efficient technological solutions.

The professional services groups are supported by international trade professionals with years of practical, hands on, industry experience. This is an important distinction, as these professionals have extensive familiarity with numerous global customs regimes and have extensive knowledge of the "best practices" employed by the leaders in the customs industry.

Our team has the necessary knowledge to help you find the best administration option for the complex requirements of duty-deferral and duty reduction programs, integrating their requirements and the import/export filing. Our experience helps you with recordkeeping, and minimizes data entry and re-work.

Countries such as Mexico, Canada, USA, China, India, Thailand, Singapore, Malasya, Australia, Colombia, Brasil, have been implementing these regulations into their industry for years.

Duty-deferral and duty reduction programs include outward processing and inward processing regimes, bonded warehouses, free trade zones, drawback and duty relief treatments.

Many countries incorporate complex tracking and reporting requirements such as cross-referencing imports to exports, inventory tracking, bill of material breakdowns, which involve complicated duty and tax calculations. Although similar concepts are used in many countries, each has detailed requirements which must be met.

These programs often offer the single greatest duty savings potential for companies, but compliance can be difficult. We have successfully installed our solutions for some of the largest companies in the world. Our team understands and helps you to meet the requirements on a multi-country basis.

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