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LCI Market Intelligence Solutions
Our team helps open new markets in the international environment, advising our customers in the implementation of export plans in order to support their commercial development goals. 

At LCI we consider ourselves part of your export strategy team.

To achieve this aim we have developed different services to cover all the stages involved in an export plan.

All our consulting services are private, personalized and absolutely confidential. Our fee system is within every company's reach.

Below, you will find the service that best fits your current needs. 

We provide everything for you to achieve your export objectives, freeing you to focus on the production and sale of your product, allowing LCI to become your Foreign Trade & Market Intelligence Department.

International Marketing intelligence Service

Our service is focused on companies who have already decided to explore foreign markets and verify if exporting is an opportunity to increase their business. 

At LCI creating business opportunities in foreign markets. We identify, open and develop new markets, by answering four basic questions:

1.-Why? 2.-How?, 3.-To who? and 4.- How can I implement my supply chain efficiently so I can deliver on time, with competitive price and with maximum profit?


We monitor the export performance of countries for the product or sector covered by the same type of product. We rank countries according to a series of macro-economic indicators, offer, and demand from a country and global perspective.

We develop your product market intelligence investigation as well as an analysis of your company  to view how your product items are classified according to global import demand and  the developing countries' export capacity.

We retrieve statistical information on international trade flows, market size, trends and shares for buyer and supplier countries.


We prepare for your business policy analysis and for your trade negotiators. We find your HTS tariff code and compare you to your competitors by providing you the information of simulating the effects of tariff reductions and import controls applied to 182 importing countries to products from 239 countries and territories. MFN and preferential rates are shown for products at the most detailed national tariff line level.

We will identify barriers to trade including import or export license or permit requirements, quotas, anti-dumping or countervailing duties, and embargos. Useful information to facilitate the international trading of goods is also included. We also list pertinent commercial, governmental, and transport documents required for an import-export transaction.

To Who?

We will find possible buyers and we will  also verify and provide a trade party screening investigation of these contacts with the names of persons, companies, and organizations that have been identified by government or international authorities as unacceptable trading partners. Current import or export embargos in effect are also identified.

From the financial perspective the proper investigation will be done including getting a profile of a customer or prospect and verifying business information.

How Can I implement my supply chain efficiently so I can deliver on time, with competitive prices and with maximum profit?

We will calculate possible quotations from your production cost, and profit in exwork value to DAF, CIF, DDU, DDP, or other Inco terms, by integrating import duties, taxes and government charges based on the customs value for any product imported into a country from as many as four different countries simultaneously. Quotations for your potential markets will be calculated based on the applicable preferential rate(s) or the default rate. Duties and taxes on complex tariff numbers for the US including ensembles, tool sets, and watches can be calculated. We will simulate different scenarios with different Inco terms, transport options, duties and procedures , so we can find the best time delivery, the best quote, with the maximum profit for your company.

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